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Get your ass up! The average person in America wakes up between 5:00 am and 8:00 am, but you’re not average. You are meant to be great! So be it! Now let’s dig in and find out why adding and early rise to your daily routine is so pivotal to your success and personal development. In order to efficiently and understandably explore this assertion, I’m going to cover the physiological, mental, and physical benefits associated with a good ole’ rise and shine!

First things first…..


According to studies on the brain, our brain produces electrical impulses called brainwaves. These brainwaves transpire at varying frequencies, the first (when we awake) being in the ball park of 10.5 waves per second. Between 8 and 13 hertz or cycles per second, is the Alpha Stage. When you wake up at 4:00 am you are between THETA and ALPHA. At this state, you’re capable of learning at your maximum potential without even breaking sweat. Not only is your level of awareness at its greatest, but the intensity of your focus is unmatched in comparison to someone enjoying the comfort of their warm, cozy covers. Would you rather a bed provide you comfort or knowing that not only is your family financially free, but the generations connected to your bloodline will flourish in your exploits.

Now we can’t wake up early without doing something else early and that something else is going to bed. Between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am you get the most from deep and regenerative sleep. After 2am, the much-needed power of sleep loses its grip thereby decreasing its affect. When you miss this window for high quality rest it causes you to wake up in the morning even more fatigued then when you went to bed. Our bodies have a direct correlation to the day and night cycle, thus allowing me to conclude that we are meant to get our butts out of those neatly threaded linens and get to it! The smallest adjustments in your sleep schedule can make the greatest differences in your performance and give you the boost you need to accomplish the goals of your wildest dreams. Here at Warcloud, we show big care to even the smallest details to ensure that when you taste our brew, your taste buds are jumping like 80’s babies at a Kris Kross concert.

In CHAPTER 2 of the “DISCIPLES OF DISCIPLINE” series, titled, “GET YOUR ASS UP AGAIN!” we will cover the mental benefits associated with getting your ass up! With peace, positivity, and passion, I bid you farewell. Until next time.

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