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Findings on 3/16/2020

Economic downturn due to a pandemic. Keeping in mind the virus is technically 0.2% kill ratio strength in the first few months, that’s 46 people killed daily worldwide. In other news 12,000 people have died from influenza between Oct. 1, 2019 through Feb. 1, 2020, and the number of deaths may be as high as 30,000. This is an environmental and technological scan of the current events. This would be our game plan if we had our brewery up and running. Theoretically speaking this is what we’d execute. Low key we’d turn the brewery into a speak easy and be open from 2am-4am. Kidding. Here are our findings.

Delivery and Online Sales

From brewery all about hospitality, to drive-thru take out to go -or- delivery if you show your ID in a 15-mile radius. Preparations come with being able to post the menu and beer line up online. An email list has to be implemented. “Want Updates When Beer Goes On Sale For Shipping in California? Enter your information below and we will update you before the sales go live!” The online store and awareness has to be a lot more optimal. People must come to the Warcloud Website as much as possible. It will and can funnel sales. Not only beer sales but merchandise as well. We will be shipping beer (core cans and select bottles that are available in the taproom *specialty release items) direct within California soon. Seeing how most of these breweries are behind the curve for online sales. It will now become the norm at some point. How many will stay on top of their shit? It’s hard work but I’d imagine having to hire new personnel? How will internet sales get better? This technological evolution has been here and no one wanted to take advantage of it but us and others. #amazonUIiskey #evolve

Having people call ahead so we can fill crowlers is another option. Facilitating relationships with bottle shops and liquor stores to do pop-ups. Is there new ways we can stream an online reality tv show? Would that be a viable source of income?

Menu Integrity & Production

From rice lagers in crowlers for $11 to the bba for $35. 4-packs may go for $24 and some for $10. Honestly maybe even kegs might have to be sold. It’s inventory and it can kill your company just like anything else. Having the proper channels for labeling must be paramount. Barrel aging program whether sour or bourbon barrels needs to be pushed for profit margins. Online orders get price inflation. Nevertheless open door tap room policy and operational hours should go for at least 10 hours a day. It may take up to two high ranking personnel willing to volunteer.

Having a canning line and a direct operator on hand is pivotal. Everyone will need canning, so it’ll have to form up like optimus prime and go from location to location. Not to brag but we have canning machines from Oktober; a couple of them in the event we don’t have $100k for a canning line. This is where we exercise our hypebeastbeer antics. We drop videos, news paper articles, podcasts, and other new products for influence. The people and fans need something to grasp onto outside of beer.

Workforce & Leadership

 Many breweries have had to lay off their workforce until further notice. Social structures are definitely susceptible to being destroyed. Systemic failures do happen. This is what will happen with the workforce, it will stay in tact for volunteer, creative, and loyalty reasons. In the event the nation or worldwide panic does happen it will be a biweekly reassessment. Administrative tasks must take precedence as much as cellaring and packaging. We have now become a fulfillment center. Until it’s time to reopen again. When the reopen happens which plan will be implemented? Is it something completely new? A beer style never done before? The next evolution of the brewhouse? New equipment? New product? Etc..

What really takes ultimate care and attention to detail is yourself and team safety. Keep in mind if you don’t know about most of this shit, it’s probably because you don’t care to research. Here’s some places to start googling. The Small Business Association has derailed our some Intel on disaster loans. The department of labor has occupational safety tips. The USBG is a National Charity Foundation that has a Bartender Emergency assistance program. In addition the National Restaurant Association put out field manuals. And you can always rely on the CDC for information. OSHA has regulations and your manufacturing preplanning will have to act accordingly. The ideal situation would be to not blow your load in the event that the ABC cracks down on actual production. Also looking at environmental and technological scanning. How reliant are we on product for recipes? Do we have a surplus to last us months? Can we or will we be distilling whiskey Apocalypse now style. I know one thing. That if you’re reading this you are the resistance! Quit paying attention to what news anchors tell you. Quit The Dramatics and Do The Research! 


This is a time to educate and support those affected. Basic food necessities are needed by the youth and the elderly alike. Youth needing their daily food intake or morning meals. Elderly who have their routine and daily food settings. Warcloud should be open and clear with communicating to the community. A place where we generate alkaline water, bread made out of wort and grains. Setting up a grilled cheese station with soup/chili, pb&j, or pizza, along with beer to go! Absolutely that’s to be mass production status! Warcloud’s famous Mac n cheese has to happen. Gumbo is a must too!

Closing earlier may happen so how does Warcloud stay ahead of the curve and provide a second or third service to the community? Do we turn into janitorial gurus because germaphobic is real, and we are brewhouse clean freaks as it is!? This would be a time to bring the community together and have a drive thru farmers market in the event that other places are shut down. Should operate like amazon groceries. We must mature the market and the community via education. At this point we’re content creating custom hop infused hand sanitizer with aloe and 90% isopropyl alcohol solution. Then possibly getting some kind of intercept on N100 Particulate masks for body substance isolation. Give them away like we were fuckin’ Robin Hood from the hood!

Finance & Insurance

Partial or completely unemployed a worker can apply for financial healing if their shifts go down. The need for late stage capital is huge because it’s like… at which point is the brewery trying to exit the industry? Is it during start up? Adolescence? Or it’s Maturity stage? The company should have a financial plan and projection in place for cases like this. On the surface they need not show any kinks in their armor or any sign of weakness because there are wolves like the Warcloud waiting to pounce and hunt for resources. To be honest we are danger close in opening our doors or acquiring equipment. But this upset and pandemic unfortunately catch 22’d for us and couldn’t have happened at a better time. In other words we needed the time to recalibrate and assess everyone else’s failures and struggles. Makes for being true students of the game. Create a SWOT analysis and tell you our findings. Furthermore what we do know is that beer does good in economic downturn. The profit margins are a bit lower as taproom’s are closed and less than $0.50 cents doesn’t turn into $7 profit. The consumption shifts home and breweries lose that $1 per can and labeling combined. The beer isn’t passed from hand to hand. 

The workforce can file unemployment for financial help. Pretty sure this topic can be a major blog post in of itself. More to come soon! To the Military, Law Enforcement, FIRE, and EMS departments still getting after it. We appreciate it.

Disclaimer: While writing this, hella breweries across the nation aren’t shut down. They might just say fuck it, learn something when they shut us down and then if anyone has internet in the back country they’ll take advantage of some of the findings above! Also just figured out you can put WordPress on your phone.