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The Guerrilla Approach

Guerilla marketing as it pertains to small businesses, is the method in which the company makes positive contact with the rest of the world. This positive contact comes in the form of a persuasion implanted in a consumer’s subconscious. It takes investment. It takes a level of certainty and risk to be a “guerrilla marketer”. The term broken up into its purest form is simply rebellious and creative advertising. Taking that concept and bringing it to the forefront of war upon your industry is exactly what a small company must do. “Marketing is truth made fascinating” (Levinson, 2007. p. 4). That statement makes it an art to influence people. Since marketing is an artform; it changes, arranges, it evolves.

The need for guerrilla marketing is simple. Small businesses need creativity to maximize their unconventional warfare antics and invest small amounts of money in order capitalize on return on investment. Entrepreneurs are a dangerous set of business owners. They completely can create and construct a systematic approach to stay ahead of the competition. Competition naturally has acquired and employed most of these creative minds. Guerrilla marketing approach relies on being extremely adaptable. Finding trends and executing unconventional ways to attack them is the essence of guerrilla marketing. It takes attention to detail and quick execution of content. Content is absolutely key in all of this. The more content the more eyes gaze upon your campaign. Too much content is completely okay. It’s more brand pushing efforts that make your company more accountable and a social organism. It’s an algorithm within itself. The consumer is able to process information quickly with social media. A person can scroll through social media extremely fast. Social media acts as vessel in which consumers can spread your content and make it viral. Social media in many ways is an interconnected and decentralized method that allows content creation to flourish and touch millions of unique viewers.

Guerrilla marketing most of the time is not practiced by major companies. It’s a true David vs. Goliath situation. Goliath challenged the entire army to see who was best fit to challenge or trial by combat. David used a guerrilla style attack using Goliath’s greatest assets and brut strength against him when he attacked with swift and deadly accuracy using a stone and sling. The way that David approached Goliath was simply due to David fighting wolves and lions in the past when he was a Shepard. With the way that marketing is currently going, its important to understand what your strengths are. If it’s content creation it’s important to move quickly and post content daily. Social media has the “next up mentality”. It is extremely important to be like David, move quickly and be first. “Our culture is evolving at a faster pace, and that acceleration, we contend, is a function of the comingling of thoughts and memes.” (Luckett & Casey, 2016, p.170).

The Need

A plethora of ads from yellow pages to television commercials are all ways that many large companies are able to capitalize on campaigns due to financial means. It’s a large marketing budget that makes it easy for these titan companies. Something that they aren’t really good at is social media. It’s completely up to the small-time companies to do everything within their power to be ethical and ensure that their marketing campaigns resonate with their followers and viewers. For a small business they must be able to differentiate themselves from others. The importance of creative content and products is essential to building their brand.

A PACE plan must be in place for most small companies. This is a method that most guerrilla factions must be able to execute. There needs to be a primary plan, alternate plan, contingency plan, and emergency plan in place to impart accurate and meaningful campaigning. First in the primary plan must be driven sales. Products in an alternate plan must be evolving and have multiple ways to approach the sales force. If sales are disconnected with consumers its contingent upon how well the plan was executed in the first place. Emergency planning is reverting back to the drawing board and constructing and accurate way to message and brand. Identifying your true “why?” is the most vital piece to the puzzle.

A reason for guerrilla marketing is due to the fact its inexpensive and its super easy. It’s a need because it enables the exhausting of what little resources a small company has. It makes the small company extremely resourceful at a consistent level. The means of worldwide by word of mouth is something that an entrepreneur can capitalize on. Word of mouth has the ability to spread like wild fire. That type of advertising has net worth that is invaluable. It builds brand awareness to a completely optimal level.

Where to Start

The starting point definitely comes with a plan. The PACE plan is great but further in depth would have to be how you campaign. There are many questions that a company must be able to answer. Answering the main question of how you should market is paramount. Featuring products is great but in my approach, I would start with a story based on transparency. Being transparent allows your company to be detail oriented. Starting with price advantages on why your product needs to be bought is key. It tells the story of your service. It allows competition to take your product seriously. It brings prospects to view your product. A product must be able to reach people wherever they are. Being online is optimal, but also resonating with your fan base is great as well. You will have to have a product that is versatile to the cornerstone of society which is family. It must motivate people to buy and join in on your brand cult-like following. With the PACE plan in place, it needs to also have a campaign annually with projections and opportunities embedded. This is imperative to measure success and preplan for pitfalls. When looking at a campaign to start having core values in each campaign are huge.

Sixteen Concepts

            The commitment of guerrilla marketing is essential to your program. With that program its imperative that you come up with ways to evolve your program rather than just rest and let it’s initial campaign take its course. Content marketing has to be ingrained with your product. Having brand ambassadors is a huge way to campaign and it gains to further consent and leads to sales. A guerrilla marketer must be able to utilize all technology possible. In the 21st century there’s a very legitimate reason to be smarter with using technology. Involvement in current affairs will make your brand relevant. With all the weapons in a guerrilla’s arsenal, a guerrilla must become efficient at utilizing each weapon individually. The level of amazement has to shine in all content created. Profits will come, and in marketing a company must not wait. A company must be prudent in battle and be able to not only be confident in their campaign but also be firm. Consistency in campaigns is key. Becoming well rounded in the industry helps you and others build relationships. A guerrilla’s marketing program is an absolute investment that takes time, energy, and resources.

Creative Marketing Development

Creativity matters when it comes to making profits. Your product must have the ability to improve a person’s life. Your marketing strategy must be simple, direct, and creative. There always be drama in whatever industry you’re operating in. Guerrillas must know that. What you’re offering must be interesting in various ways. In order to ‘weather the storm’ when it comes to drama means that your offering must be beneficial and meaningful. It’s an honorable notion to make sure that your product is ethical and believable. When its meaningful it grabs the attention of consumers and viewers. It has the ability to change lives through motivation and innovation.

Clear communication is huge when it comes to guerrilla marketing. Every small guerrilla faction has a set of values, ethics, and beliefs that they operate upon. It takes a mantra or ethos that enables the pursuit of excellence. Your viewer’s gauge your products based on those very values. It makes people pay attention to your brand when you create content that is gravitating. With the advancements of technology there are ways to track and measure your effectiveness. The creativity within your content has the ability to reach out and touch viewers in a heart-felt way. Therefore, your creativity must always evolve and change with every campaign. If it works, its important to not only repeat but also change just a few things about it. The consumer will feel a certain way once they consume, purchase, or use your product. That type of reception is valuable in the grand scheme of marketing. That initial response is what gauges success and brand interaction that can lead to brand loyalty.


Cross Trainer and All Terrain

Guerrilla marketing on the surface and physically can reach consumers in many different ways. In my personal opinion it takes visual aids. Outdoor and indoor guerrilla marketing are easy ways to be efficient. If its physical and a person can approach your product, hold, or touch your product it makes it within reach. You can ambush your consumers by partaking in something called “pop-ups”, where you tell your followers you will be at a certain location briefly and its time to come in and check out the product. It is completely experimental and an opportunity that surpasses social media in many ways. It’s important to be extremely professional when this happens. A pop-up allows you to utilize all your products and marketing prowess to bring it to the forefront of your audience. These types of campaigns are important not to overthink and just execute.

Media Types

There are different types of media discussed in the text. When you can reach your consumers and bring intel on current proceedings it’s the possibility for repeat customers and sales. Brand loyalty starts with updates and content as mentioned before. Gathering intel on your customers is a great advantage to have. Whether it be surveying and qualitative research to better serve the sales spectrum or e-mail newsletters. E-media marketing is just that. It’s a way to continuously update your consumers. Blogs are an effective way to give your readers intelligence on your brand. It shows personality, style, and usefulness. Podcasting is another way that consumers can gain perspective of your mindset. Websites are the single most important presence needed for any company. Being apart of the search engine is a strategic opportune way to spread brand awareness. People are able to subscribe and be apart of your mission and business.

There are webinars and info-media marketing efforts that play to your favor as a guerrilla marketing operator. Free consultations are a great service to make your industry more effective and knowledgeable. Free seminars are also a great way to build brand loyalty. Demonstrations and publishing on demand are opportunities for a company to build engagement. At the center of attention must be your team or an individual. The guerrilla marketing method is based on brand or individual personality. It allows networking and affiliates to make you reachable and appropriates your market share. It’s important to be able to designate that guerrilla. It could be you or it could be someone else within your ranks. All of these methods are great. In addition, there are non-media options such as outreach to public relations, service, trade shows, competitions, community involvement, and speaking engagements.