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What it do?! We back again.  It’s your boy, Killa-the-kee-zay about to lay the smack down on your mental like a pile driver. 

          Welcome to CHAPTER 2 of the DISCIPLES OF DISCIPLINE SERIES titled, “GET YOUR ASS UP…AGAIN!”  In this segment we will discuss the mental benefits to getting your amazing asses (spiritual asses not physical ones) out from in between those sheets!  This ain’t the Isley Brothers, this James Brown baby!  Get up now! Get on up! 

I’d like to begin this by so dubiously citing a quote from Waking up at 4A.M Every Day is the Key to Success. Or to Getting a Cold published by The New York Times in which Steve Harvey says, “Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day.” Now considering wealth is a mindset rather than a circumstance, say with me, “I am rich and therefore I wake up early.” Awesome! You’re off to a great start.

Numero Uno: DISCIPLINE! When I first attempted to wake up at 4AM, it was tougher than an over-cooked steak! After listening to months of Eric Thomas videos, I was well aware that this simple action was a dominant trait among the elites. I was once told by one of my big homies (slang for: older brother type individual) Timmy Lane, that if you want to become something mimic those who are successful. Well, I’m a billionaire, it’s my destiny so I therefore must assume the billionaire behavior. In doing so, I created a strategy. I said, I’m going to set my alarm for 4AM every morning no matter how I’m feeling. And, so I did. Even though I would hit “Dismiss” on my alarm every waking morning, my mind began to tell my body, “HEY THERE’S A FREAKING ALARM ABOUT TO GO OFF THAT WE HATE HEARING, SO GET UP!” And what do you know, I subconsciously began waking up automatically before my alarm went off. The very first morning this happened, I knew it was time to get to grinding. I also knew that I was right about being a billionaire because I was able to take that simple first step to becoming one, getting my ass up! Knowing I could do this one morning, righteously led me to believe I can do it again on the next. Not only that, but I didn’t want to lose the momentum I so desperately labored to gain. So, what did I do? I got my ass up again! And again! And again! Before you know it, 30 days had passed and then 60, then 90. During this time, I realized that I had developed a discipline for getting it done. Doing what I needed to do rain or shine. No matter the circumstance. No matter how I felt, I was getting my ass up because successful people don’t make excuses, they make it happen!

       Numero Dos: CONFIDENCE! “I can’t do it!  This is too difficult!  I’m so sleepy!  I’ll never be successful!”  That’s just a minor sample of the self-talk that polluted my mind on the mornings I was reluctant to get up.  I remember sharing my thoughts with my wife in which she responded, “No we’re not going to tell ourselves that.  Getting up in the morning is easy for me!  Let’s say that instead”, she said.  For the married fellows, let me just say, I implore you to listen to your wives more because after I changed my self-talk, I was getting my ass up like there was a fire in my sheets!  Now, if my self-talk was negative during the times I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing, how do you think it was when I became disciplined and began doing what needed to be done in order to fulfill my destiny?  What did OG Maco say? “You guessed it! Still in that place, and I’m flexin!”  When your, “I can’t do it” talk turns into “I can do all things”, your whole life will change.  You will feel like and become an unstoppable force of goal accomplishing madness!  Marking lines off your goals chart will become just as easy as grocery shopping.  When you develop your discipline and you are able to do whatever you put your mind to, you will subconsciously reinforce this in your thoughts and thus develop confidence.  For me all this happened, by taking one unadorned yet consistent action, getting my ass up!   

       In CHAPTER 3 of the “DISCIPLES OF DISCIPLINE” series, titled, “I’m up you jive turkey! Now what?” We will discuss practical strategies you can adopt when getting up early to increase your chances of being that magnificent being you were created to be.  With patience, practice and persistence, I bid you farewell.  Until next time.


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