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      Let’s talk about competitive advantage. Cans allow easy storage and can be sold in the future as close to a pint where you can maximize profit. Hence why we hustled up and started canning.

      Here’s how we did it. We classified our resources as strengths and weaknesses. We combined our strengths into specific duties and made them core competencies. Based on how long our strengths can sustain themselves and maximize its own projected profit, that will decide whether or not it’s something we should invest in.

      In example: hats, stickers, business cards, etc. Keep it simple, invest in yourself. Canning has withstood the test of time. And because of that, we pulled the trigger on it. Now with canning our own beer we have to exploit tactics like self sufficiency, artwork, making the best beer possible, networking, etc. Secondary to that, there will start to be gaps in our gameplan. Those gaps need to be identified, and upgraded from weakness to competency, competency to strength! Invest in your strengths but be mindful of your weaknesses.

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