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The Beers that Rocked 2020 for us and our supporters!

Double IPA 8% abv


Collaboration with Dancing Gnome (Pittsburgh, PA) SOLD OUT in 26 States

8% ABV Hazy Double IPA with the pungent oils of Strata, Nelson, Enigma, and Citra Hops.

Tastes like dank lychee, white grape, Mandarin Orange, and mango kush.

Rated one of the best beers 2020

Sold Out in 26 States (U.S.A) via Tavour App.

Collaboration with Dancing Gnome (Pittsburgh, PA)

Wise Words — something we thought was lacking in this country lately. Our intention is to draw awareness to the importance of word choice, especially in today’s ever-challenging times.

Warcloud artwork: Wise-hop Owl



Collaboration with Longtab Brewing (San Antonio, TX) SOLD OUT in 13 States

“Black is Beautiful Initiative” (worldwide) – Proceeds donated to the GREEN BERET PROJECT

This is “The Quarterback”.. MELVIN MORRIS JR. of the 5th Special Forces Group “The Legion”, Company D…. Morris is one of the first African American’s to don the Green Beret. A Medal of Honor Recipient for going above and beyond the call of duty with acts of valor. After hearing a fellow team commander had been killed in action he decided to lead a 3-man team behind enemy lines to retrieve the fallen. He grabbed a bag full of grenades and proceeded to lead the assault. Heavy enemy fire focused on his three-man team while they maneuvered through the battlefield. Two of his soldiers were hit by enemy fire so he escorted them back to a safe team position. (Now Solo) With speed and quarterback accuracy he threw grenades into enemy bunkers destroying 4 of them and eliminating the entire enemy force who had pinned down his unit. He was hit three times, retrieved the body of the fallen commander and proceeded to fight. Men like this are the epitome of the American War Hero. He has a statue erected at the Cocoa Riverfront Park in Florida. We honor this man not for only what he’s done, but what he continues to do. De Oppresso Liber.

Our Why?

Careful thought gets put into each beer name and title. The name of the beer dictates the campaign, flavor profile, and style. Each represents diverse history, culture, and community.
We have chosen and attached to many charities but one in particular is THE GREEN BERET PROJECT 501(c)(3)
The Green Beret Project specializes in mentoring youth in some of the worst and socioeconomic problematic cities in the nation.
Reasoning? Somewhat of a Warcloud story. Where our team mentors are Green Berets, these kids and teenagers are getting mentorship at an early age.
We plan to make at least 99 donations to various charities every year whether through beer dedications or events hosted at the brewery.



Collaboration with Alosta Brewing Company (Covina, CA) Available at Alosta Brewing

It all started with the “Irish Guerrilla” Imperial Stout Beer 10% ABV. Irish Cream with vanilla, marshmallow, and graham crackers.
A collaboration Beer with Alosta Brewing (Covina, CA). Released March 2020.
Based on sales and collaboration success – Alosta is opening it’s doors to Alternating Proprietorship w/the Warcloud Brewing Company.
After 10-years of brewing in SoCal Alosta
Is looking for a “changing of the guard”.
Through mentorship of Brewery Operations, Administration, and Sales programming the Warcloud will absorb Alosta after a 6-months to a year.
Changing of the guard starts in the month of October 2020.
Opening date may happen as soon as the second Quarter of 2021.



Collaboration with Stone Brewing (San Diego, CA)

So the call came out. The chance to work with Stone Brewing Company on something. More importantly for us to learn and work with Greg Koch… How could we not take advantage of this opportunity? We were drinking Stone since Jr. High. If you didn’t drink back then and you’re from SoCal, you’re lying! Anyways, we worked with Greg (Stone Brewing Founder) for a couple months going back and forth with artwork, and we came up with the Stone Legend aka Anointed Ancient. And here it is! STONE x WARCLOUD. Good times and tons of knowledge was shed upon us. Ideas and conversations that’ll last a lifetime. We have the Zulu and Stone has the Gargoyle. Ha the two darker nofuxgiven mascots in the beer game.

Key Points:
-We worked directly with Greg Koch (Founder) of Stone Brewing for the one-off Legendary IPA beer can design.
-Built a one-on-one rapport with Stone Brewing’s workforce.
-First name basis with America’s top 10 breweries.
-Building relationships with what we call HVT’s is pivotal to the success of Warcloud Brewing Company.
-From being a fan for 15 years to working with them.
Yes we know the can art is upside down. “Leave no stone left unturned”.