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Let’s talk about strategy. Functional strategy is where you maximize resources to the point you achieve business objectives. A lot of people out there are dysfunctional and it shows. Not only do they NOT utilize their resources, they don’t maximize or exhaust their potential. This is marketing strategy right here. Social media posts with levels of transparency, and targeting audiences with constructive posts. Which develops our market’s knowledge and awareness. Educating consumers holds ethically awesomeshit. Designate a financial strategist to your team, it’s money. A Research and Development strategist to fucc everyone’s mind up with new concepts and innovation. Operations strategy is another topic and realm. How does your company operate, manufacture, brew, build relationships? Logistics strategy, are you ready for globalization or Na? Purchasing strategy kind of goes along with finances, it takes money to make money smartly. Information technology strategy are you operating on the cloud? It’s fuggin 2019 homies! Human Resources strategy, you got a bunch of low level performing clowns or high level hoperators on your squad! THIS IS STRATEGY! Think on it. Mind map it!


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